Welcome to Thornfield, Australian based breeders of field-bred English Springer Spaniels

We breed field-bred English Springer Spaniels very occasionally and pups are carefully placed in homes committed to giving them a "job" - whether it be hunting, retrieving, field trialling, agility, obedience, rally-o, tracking, nose works or active family homes.

Our puppies are raised in an enriched indoor/outdoor environment with great consideration given to early neurological stimulation, socialisation with adults, children, mature dogs, cats and chickens, sound desensitisation, exposure to unusual surfaces and objects, olfactory and tactile stimulation, regular nail trimming and daily handling in addition to excellent health, diet and general care. 

Where possible we health test our dogs and always aim for temperament, type and true working ability.​

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We are currently receiving a large spike in enquiries, correlated with the COVID-19 isolation requirements. Breeders everywhere are experiencing the same phenomenon. This is desperately sad for some dogs who may be relinquished in 6 months time (a very challenging age) when family commitments mean that the once cute puppies are now too unruly and too much trouble. Please think very seriously before you make this commitment.

Puppies are for LIFE.

No litters before late 2022

Puppy enquiries welcome 


Thornfield's foundation bitch, Em (centre), with her son Zac (left) and daughter, Ginny (right)

"The Spaniel is gentle, loving and courteous to man more than any other dog, of free untiring laborsome ranging, beating a full course over and over, which he does with a wanton playing taile and a busie labouring noise, neither desisting nor showing less delight in his labours at night than he did in the morning." (Richard Surflet, c. 1600s)

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