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  • Please start by having a good look at our website to answer your immediate questions and then fill out our contact form below
  • Tell us about your experience with dogs, Gundogs or ESS and let us know whether you are looking for a family pet or a sporting dog
  • There are no "right' answers - but honesty is everything. We want to make sure one of our puppies is well suited to your lifestyle. They are perfect in our eyes but we are well aware that they are not for everyone.
  • You are welcome to enquire about price but please do not try to negotiate. We would be lucky to break even on our actual costs even when things go perfectly to plan (health testing, progesterone testing, whelping, stud fee, food, vaccinations, microchipping and worming) and I would hate to add up the number of unpaid hours we put into our litters! Well-bred puppies are not "cheap" because it is expensive to do it right.
  • We will reply to your email as soon as we can but please give us a week or two - sometimes we are away competing or camping with our dogs and sometimes life just gets in the way. As ANKC registered breeders, our dogs are our hobby NOT our business and we both work several jobs which sometimes involve travel. So please don't be disheartened if you don't get an immediate reply.


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Puppies are for LIFE.

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Litter announcement! Born 1st March 2024!


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